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Terrace Bay Beach Board Walk


   This beautiful Board Walk located at the Terrace Bay Beach gives a stunning view of Lake Superior. Only a 5 minute drive from Drifters Motel.

Aguasabon Falls


Check out our local Aguasabon Falls nestled in the Heart of Terrace Bay with a beautiful view of Lake Superior, only a 10 minute walk from Drifters Motel.

The Casque Isles Trail

The Casque Isles Trail is an adventurer’s dream come true, and then some—one of the top 10 best hikes in Ontario! This is the must-hike trail in Northwestern Ontario.

The trail weaves 53 km (33 miles) along the north shore of Lake Superior, highlighting some of the most stunning vistas of Lake Superior, and linking the communities of Terrace Bay, Schreiber and Rossport together. You’ll be swept away as you hike from one beautiful bay to the next.

Signed and groomed by the passionate volunteers of the Casques Isles Hiking Club, the Casque Isles Trail is an important section for both The Great Trail and the Voyageur Hiking Trail.

Whether you’re an amateur or pro, the trail is divided into five segments and 11 access points, so this 53 km long expedition can be challenged in small sections or triumphed over all at once—the choice is yours to make.

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Built in 2011, the Terrace Bay Lighthouse stands as a 50 ft. replica of the lighthouse on the Slate Islands Provincial Park. The lighthouse on the Slate Islands is the highest elevated lighthouse on the Great Lakes, at 224 ft. above sea level, and is the sister to the Otter Island Lighthouse. The Township of Terrace Bay Lighthouse stands as a symbol to the community’s long-standing connection with the Slate Islands and the beautiful Woodland Caribou that reside there.
May through October, locals and visitors alike are welcome to climb to the top and admire a breathtaking views of Lake Superior, Slate Islands and the surrounding area.

Come off the road, relax and take in the view—you won’t find a prettier town on the north shore of Lake Superior!

Terrace Bay Lighthouse 

The Aguasaban Golf Course

Tucked away along the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, the Aguasabon Golf Course offers a world class experience for all type of golfers. This breath taking 9 hole course incorporates unbelievable views and greenery with a high quality golf experience. With a friendly staff and personable members this experience will make you feel like this is your home course every time. Overall, the Aguasabon Golf Course offers the whole package and an unbelievable past time to enjoy with friends and family.

Stay & Play Package

Stay at Drifters Motel for a reduced price and receive a discounted Green Fee at the Aguasaban Golf Course. For more info please call 807-825-3844 or visit their website at


Terrace Bay, Ontario is uniquely located on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Its location makes it a prime destination for the Great Lakes Surfers looking to catch ocean size waves during the right wind and storm conditions. There are multiple beaches in the area that provide excellent opportunities to surf, experience nature, and photographic opportunities.



A one day free event centered around a love for surfing and embracing that!


Music, giveaways, surfing, good times.

For more info contact Chris Dube at:


                 Phone: 807.823.0975

                 Location: Terrace Bay, On.

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